The NECA Energy
Conservation & Performance Platform



Grow Your Energy Business

NECA Contractors can use ECAP to find new project opportunities and to offer energy project development, insurance, and financing solutions to their customers and partners.

Resource Partners


Find Project Leads and Partners

NECA Resource Partners can use ECAP to expand their contractor network, find project opportunities, develop, insure, and finance their energy projects.

Building Owners

Project Customers

Save Energy and Money

Building Owners can use ECAP to develop, insure, finance, and find service providers for their energy projects.

How ECAP Works

NECA ECAP gives you the tools to expand your resource partner network, find project opportunities, develop new opportunities, insure your projects, and finance your projects. ECAP does this through our dynamic marketing tools, adaptable workflows, contract templates, and network.

How ECAP Works

The ECAP Solutions


  • Project Development
  • Capacity & Expertise
  • Project Performance Risk
  • Project Cost
  • Borrowing Capacity


  • Automated Workflows
  • ECAP Partner Network
  • Insured Energy Savings
  • Project Financing
  • Financial Structuring

Start Using ECAP

NECA ECAP reduces your project development risks, by seamlessly connecting you with the project solutions you need at every stage of the project development process.