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We're in an energy revolution that is moving the world towards energy efficiency and distributed generation. The ECAP platform enables you to offer these services and secure opportunities in the energy industry with ease.

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NECA Partners
Ken Brownell, CEO
Brownell Electric
"We did our first project with the NECA ECAP program this year.
NECA ECAP helped us streamline the process
and allowed us to execute."
Lane Young
O’Connell Electric
"NECA ECAP provides tools to enhance our offered services.
The NECA ECAP program enables and adds value to projects through financing
and energy performance guarantees"
John F. Reid, Jr.
G & B Electric
"Without ECAP's help we are quite certain our project
would not have been successful. ECAP's guidance gave us confidence
in our approach and to the project itself."
Chris Doyle
Pacific Ridge Electric
"ECAP has allowed my company to transition into energy services.
We are now able to approach and sole source sizable projects
by offering a full range of services."
Brandon Bradford
InterMountain Electric Company
"The ECAP program has been vital in our immersion into the energy-efficiency market.
The options it has given us have allowed us to be fluid, competitive, and have helped us
easily inform our customers about the benefits we can offer them."
Case Studies
IBEW 332 Union Hall
This Net Zero Energy building retrofit performed by Pacific Ridge Electric shows the versatility of IBEW electricians and NECA contractors, making use of ECAP for the following professional services:
  • Economic Model, Conceptual Design & Professional Design Partnering
  • Project Budgeting, Procurement & Project Management
  • $3.2 Financial Equipment Lease & Project Bonding

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Hartford Central School District
NECA ECAP provided lease financing for this comprehensive lighting & controls retrofit project. The project was originated, designed, and performed by Brownell Electric. The lease structure allowed the school district to upgrade its lighting and controls systems on a cash-flow-positive basis.

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